Wiley Womack Estate
Trippe to Beasley
Kendrick to Trippe
Fulford to Walker

Wiley Womack Estate

William Mitchell (Macon) Adm on estate of Wiley Womack, late of Macon deceased to William Ingram:
$390 14th Dis east 1/4 LL210 50 acres
Wit: C.B. Marshall, H.H. Long, JP
Recorded: 11 Sept 1855
Note: This property is just west of Reynolds community

Source: Taylor Deed Book A., pg 463, 13 Mar 1855

Trippe to Beasley

Wm Trippe to Wm. P. Beasley
$40 13th Dis LL245 (Macon Co) 202.5 acres
Note: This property is now east of Butler
Wit: Theophilus Pearl?, Early Baker, JP
Recorded: 13 Jun 1855

Source: pg 440, Troup Co, 1 Nov 1855

Richmond R. Kendrick (Pike) to William Trippe (Troup)
$100 13th Dist LL245 [formerly Macon Co]
Richmond Kendrick only surviving heir of Hezekiah Kendrick, R.S.
Note: Living in Monroe Co. Johnson's district at time of 1827 lottery drawing

Source: pg 441, Pike Co, 1 May 1841

Fulford to Walker

William B. Fulford (Macon Co) to Robert W. Walker (Marion)
$75 13th Dis LL19 (50 acres west side)[orginally Macon]
Wit: Sinclair Streetman, James T. Harmon, JP
Recorded: 13 Jun 1855

Source: pg 441, Marion Co., 4 Nov 1851