Edith Taylor

Little Edith Taylor, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Taylor, passed away in Helena, Ala., on August 7th, 1908. Edith was a lovely child, possessing gentleness, sweetness and absolute obedience. She suffered for three weeks without murmur or complaint. All that skill and love could do was employed, but God in His infinite mercy saw fit to transplant the young life into His heavenly gardens above.

The remains were carried to Montezuma, and in the presence of sorrowing friends and relatives, they were laid to rest on a calm, peaceful Sabbath. Edith’s life was not lived in vain. Her calm disposition, serene and placid manner, her unfailing gentleness and eager interest in religious themes will linger in the memory of all who knew her.

Source: The Talbotton New Era, September 3, 1908, Page 6

J.N. Taylor, Jr.

On Saturday morning, Sept 29th J.N. Taylor, Jr. a lad aged 16, left his father's residence, near Marshallville, GA, to shoot ducks in the pond near by. He was in the bateau with a companion; when, being in a proper distance for shooting, he seized his gun by the muzzle and drew it suddenly, when unfortunately the hammer struck the cross piece of the boad, discharging the contents of the gun into the left side of the chest, between the fifth and sixth ribs, tearing the heart and its appendages asunder. The blood gushed in the boat--he only had time to say "Oh me," when his spirit fled to God.

He was buried next day with military honors by the Governor's Guards of which company he had lately become a member. May the sad end of this high-toned and very intelligent youth be a warning to boys who are learning to shoot. W.J.S.

Source: Macon Telegraph, Nov 19, 1859 (reprinted in The Upson Pilot)

Olen Turner

The entire community was greatly grieved and shocked on last Monday when it was learned that Mr. T.O. Turner had passed away early that morning. He had been sick only a few days and his sudden death was a severe shock to his family and many friends. The funeral service was conducted by his pastor, Rev. D.A. Lastinger, at the family burial grounds about one and one half miles above Ideal. – Macon County Citizen

Source: The Butler Herald, November 11, 1915, Page One

Dr. J.N. Wadsworth

Dr. J.N. Wadsworth, a prominent physician of Macon County, living near Oglethorpe, died at his residence on Sunday evening last, after a short illness of typhoid dysentery. Only a few days before he lost a child four years old of the same disease.

Source: The Marion County Patriot, No. 23, June 10, 1887, Page Eight, State News Items

Annie Lee Walters

Annie Lee, the little four-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jay A. Walters, died last Saturday night at 11 o'clock of congestion of the brain, after a very short illness.

Source: The Marion County Patriot, No. 34, Friday, August 20, 1886, Page One, Macon County Record

Ben Willerford

Mr. Ben Willerford of Macon County died on Tuesday last. He was a good citizen and leaves many friends to mourn his loss.

Source: The Butler Herald, January 14, 1890, Page Three