Mrs. Homer Rackley

Mrs. Homer Rackley died at her home in the lower part of the county on the 23rd. She had many friends and relatives in this community who grieve her death. She was an amiable, Christian lady.

Source: The Marion County Patriot, No. 41, Friday, October 8, 1886, Page One, Macon County Record

Joe Reynolds

A negro named Joe Reynolds was found dead in Hog Crawl Monday. He went fishing Saturday and it is supposed that he died from heart disease and fell in the creek

Source: The Marion County Patriot, No. 16, April 22, 1887, Page One, Macon County Record

Mrs. Ripley

For some time Mrs. Ripley has been very ill and yesterday she died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. G.W. Smith. She lacked only two weeks of being eighty years of age.

Source: The Marion County Patriot, No. 51, Friday, December 17, 1886, Page One, Macon County Record

Rev. Adam Robinson

Rev. Adam Robinson of Florida Conference died at his home in Manatee, Fla. a short time since. He was one of the oldest preachers in the conference, and one of the most useful. In early life he was a citizen of Macon County, Ga. and was a lawyer by profession. For a long time he was Solicitor General of the circuit and conducted some of the most important trials in the courts of Macon County nearly 50 years ago. He was a brother of the late Col. Wm. H. Robinson, of Lanier, and of Rev. John Robertson who was pastor of the Butler circuit 35 years ago. Truly a good man has gone to his reward.

Source: The Butler Herald, November 22, 1892, Page Three

Leila Rodgers

A Sad Tragedy
Leila Rodgers, a Five Years Old Girl Accidentally Shot by its Mother, Mrs. Dave Rodgers

A story that is indeed most thrilling is told of the mother of a bright and beautiful 5 years of age girl, accidentally shooting and killing her own the day before Thanksgiving. The mother is prostrated with grief while the tender form of her child quietly rests beneath the sod. The parties to this sad occurrence are Mrs. D.T. Rodgers, her husband and their little daughter, Leila. These were enroute from their home in Macon County to the home of relatives in this county where they had intended spending Thanksgiving. They stopped at Miona Springs for dinner, and before leaving the scene of their repast the father and mother engaged in a target practice while the child remained seated in the buggy. The pistol was handed to the mother who fired it and was preparing to shoot the second time when it discharged without warning the ball entering a vital spot of the body of the child. The child dropped limp and the form left lifeless in only a few seconds. Its remains were interred the following day at the Goodwin burial ground in this county.

Note: Leila S. Rodgers is buried at Midway Cemetery in Taylor County, Ga. Her gravestone information is listed below:

Source: The Butler Herald, November 29, 1910, Page Three

Rodgers Leila S.
4 Feb 1906
23 Nov 1910

Catherine Scoville

Neighboring County Items - Macon County Citizen

Little Catherine Scoville, age 19 months, child of Mr. and Mrs. T.M. Scovill, died Wednesday at noon, after an illness lasting about seven weeks.

Note the last name Scoville/Scovill, was spelled just as it appears in the notice. I’m not a researcher of this family and do not know the correct spelling of the last name.

Source: The Butler Herald, July 4, 1911, Page Three

Mr. George Slappy

Mr. George Slappy, of Marshallville, aged 73 years, died unexpectedly Tuesday.

Source: The Marion County Patriot, No. 15, Friday, April 9, 1886, Page One, Georgia Gossip

Capt. F.T. Snead

Capt. F.T. Snead died at his home in Oglethorpe, Ga. on Friday the 8th inst. He had many friends and army comrades throughout this portion of Georgia who will be pained to learn of his death.

Source: The Butler Herald, May 26, 1891, Page Three

John Henry Spivey

Two Negroes on Mr. Monroe Child's place, between Ideal and Oglethorpe, George McCrary and John Henry Spivey got into a shooting scrape last week from which Spivey was instantly killed and McCrary was arrested and carried to the Oglethorpe jail.

Source: The Butler Herald, May 9, 1911, Page Two

Geo. W. Staley

Geo. W. Staley died recently at the home of his brother-in-law of typho-malarial fever.

Source: The Marion County Patriot, No. 20, Friday, May 14, 1886, Page One, Macon County Record

Mrs. Surles

Mrs. Surles, a very old lady died on the 31st of Dec., after being confined to her bed for five months.

Source: The Butler Herald, January 17, 1893, Page Two

Ed Sutton

Ed Sutton, a train hand on the Southwestern railroad, was killed at Montezuma last Friday by the train while coupling cars.

Source: The Marion County Patriot, No. 40, Friday, October 1, 1886, Page Eight, Georgia News