Dr. R.G.T. Halley

Dr. R.G.T. Halley, after a painful illness of two weeks died at his residence in Butler from the effects of pneumonia at 12:30 o'clock on Saturday morning the 16th inst. During his illness he had all the care and tender sympathy that the best medical skill or loving hands could give, but despite all their efforts the sad messenger of death has borne his spirit to the one who gave it life. From the first symptoms of his disease he had but little hope of his own recovery and rather preferred to yield than to brace himself against his disease. He was a patient sufferer and in his death he exemplified the life which he had lived that the will of the Lord might be done, and in the still hours of night while surrounded by loving friends and in full view of a "happier home beyond this vale of tears," he peacefully fell asleep in the arms of his Master, and a life full of affection and tender love for his fellow man has ceased to move among us. It is hard to say farewell to one we loved so well, but thy labors are ended here and may thy rest be sweet.

Dr. Halley was in the 43rd year of his age, a bright and acceptable Mason and consistent member of the Methodist church. For about ten years he had resided in Butler, and in all these years he had done a large and successful practice and in his death our community has suffered an irreparable loss. He was loved by all who knew him, and none loved him more than did the ladies of this community, among whom he was a special friend. He was never known to refuse a call either among the lowest or wealthiest of our people, but rather did he sacrifice his life to the cause of the afflicted. Less than twelve months ago his precious companion was borne by the angels to the glory world, whose death gave him pain, and seemed more willing to join hands with her in yonder world than to battle with the toils of life. And while our hearts are sad and our pen too feeble to tell his worth, we'll try to emulate his life and meet where parting is no more.

He leaves to the cares of life four little daughters and one son, besides many friends and relatives to mourn their loss. His remains were interred in the cemetery on Sunday morning with Masonic honors, and witnessed by the largest concourse of people we have ever seen at a burial service in Butler, thus showing how high he was held in the affections of our people.

Source: The Butler Herald, May 19, 1891, Page Three

Dr. R.G.T. Halley

Dr. R.G.T. Halley was born in Marion County, Ga., January 29th 1849, and died at his home in Butler, at 1 o'clock a.m., Saturday May 16th, 1891. He began the study of medicine at his home in Marion County in 1868, and in 1871 and 1872 he attended the Cincinnati College of Medicine and Surgery. After his return from college he located in Macon County and began the practice of his chosen profession and practiced with much success. Here he met Miss Lucy E. Gaines, who in 1873 became his affectionate wife and who on the 11th of June last left him with five sweet children and went to the heaven and home of the good. From this he never recovered, but like the beautiful sunflower that bends itself in every direction that it may receive the warmth from the genial face of the material sun. So he looked and wished through the vision of faith to see once more the face of his ascended wife. In 1880 he came to Butler, and in 1880 and 1881, in order that he might the more fully meet the demands of his responsible office, he again attended the college at Cincinnati, after which he gave himself fully to the work of looking after the sick and suffering. He had a large practice all the while but never grew rich - so kind and good - looking always after the needs of the poor. He joined the Methodist Episcopal Church South at Old Tazewell, the home of his childhood about 1870. He fully demonstrated the reality of the religion of Christ, and left to his family and friends the legacy of a gentle and pious life. In his death the county and church has sustained a great loss. He leaves three sisters, one brother, five children and many relatives and friends to mourn his departure. Only a few hours before his death he called his dear little ones to him and bid them goodbye. Oh may his children and all who knew and loved him here meet him in the glorious home above.

Goodbye Doctor, till we meet on the heavenly shore.
M.B. Ferrell
Butler, Ga., June 18th, 1891

Source: The Butler Herald, June 23, 1891, Page Three

Mrs. Hand

In Loving Memory of Mrs. Hand who died May 3rd 1913.

Mrs. Hand was well known throughout Macon County and most of Taylor County. She was kind and loving. All who knew her loved her. She leaves four daughters and two sons, Mrs. A.J. Hamilton, Mrs. Clara Vinding, Mrs. Alice New, Mrs. Clifford, Mr. J.T. Hand, of Ideal, Mr. C.A. Hand, of Marshalville, besides a host of relatives and friends.

Grieve not dear children
For your mother is safe in Heaven.

We have lost our darling mother
She has bid us adieu
She has gone to live in Heaven
And her form is lost in view.

Oh! That dear one, how we loved her.
Oh! How hard to give her up.
But an angel came down for her
And removed her from our flock.

NOTE: Her name was Harriet Susannah Waters married to Joseph Ross Hand, Jr. Her father was Tristram Waters and grandparents were Moses and Nancy Waters. ~ Janet

Source: The Butler Herald, Tuesday, September 16, 1913, Page Eight

Mrs. J. W. Harp

Mrs. J.W. Harp died at the residence of her brother-in-law, Mr. W.D. Harp, near Garden Valley, last Tuesday, after a lingering illness of several weeks.

Source: The Marion County Patriot, No. 34, Friday, August 20, 1886, Page One, Macon County Record

A. A. Herring Dead

Mr. A.A. Herring, one of Montezuma's oldest and most respected citizens died this morning about nine o'clock, death occurring suddenly while on duty in the business section of the city, he having been a member of the Montezuma police force for years.

He was 72 years old and is survived by his widow; two sons, Walter Herring, of Desoto; and Luther Herring, of Lake City, Fla.; two daughters, Mrs. Thea Sealy, of Reynolds and Mrs. Thurston Harris of Garden Valley and numerous other relatives.

The funeral will be conducted at the residence tomorrow afternoon at 1:30 by Rev. Marvin R. Heflin and Rev. Fred Smith. Interment will be at Pleasant Grove (Methodist) Cemetery near Garden Valley.

Source: The Montezuma Georgian, Wednesday, May 9, 1925, Page One

Note: Carla Miles shared this obit. He was listed in the 1860 Census done by Carla, so we believe he is the son of Charles Herring. He is listed as 7 years old and "Alexander." Carla wasn't able to clearly read Charles' wife's name, so maybe someone can help us get that one corrected.

1860 Census has:
179 HERRING, Charles 37 wm Farmer 470 325 NC
Perriser (?) 45 wf NC
Alexander 7 wm GA
John Barnes 16 wm GA

Albert Hogg

Negro Woman Kills Prominent Young Man
Montezuma, Ga., June 19

Albert Hogg, a prominent young man of this place, was shot and killed last night by Plummy Green, a colored woman, near the cemetery. Groans of the wounded man led to his discovery by a citizen, who quickly secured aid and brought him to town.

In a postmortem statement the dying man declared the woman had shot him without provocation.

The woman was arrested this morning and a lynching was narrowly averted.

Mr. Hogg was a member of one of the oldest and highest respected families in Macon County.

Source: The Talbotton New Era, June 25, 1908, Page 1

Greenberry Johnson

Reynolds, Ga., May 12

Mr. Greenberry Johnson, of Oglethorpe, an old and highly respected citizen, well known in Macon and throughout Macon County died last week and was buried at his old home.

Source: The Butler Herald, May 13, 1913, Page Four

Matchett Johnson

Mr. Matchett Johnson, son of Mr. Berry Johnson of Macon County living near the line of Taylor, died Thursday night last after a long illness. He leaves besides his family many friends to mourn their loss.

Source: The Butler Herald, January 23, 1894, Page Three

S. K. Johnson

Former County Citizen Died Thursday at Ideal

Mr. S.K. Johnson, of Ideal, died at his home at Ideal last Thursday and was buried with Masonic honors in Oglethorpe last Friday.

Mr. Johnson for a number of years was a resident of this county, having spent the earlier part of his life four miles east of Butler. He was a good, true Christian, a member of the Methodist church.

By frugality, industry and energy Mr. Johnson had accumulated quite a competency of this world’s goods. He leaves a widow and several sons and daughters to mourn his loss.

Source: The Butler Herald, October 7, 1915, Page Six

Mrs. Brurie Jones

Newsy Notes From Marshallville

The many friends of Mrs. Brurie Jones will be shocked to learn of her death which sad event occurred March 15th at her home in Marshallville. We extend sympathy to the bereaved ones.

Source: The Butler Herald, March 28, 1911, Page Four

D. C. Jones

Mr. Dave C. Jones, 72 years of age and for a long while a resident of Garden Valley community, after an illness of three weeks from dropsy of the heart, died at his home last Monday morning. His remains were interred in the Pleasant Grove cemetery Tuesday afternoon, the funeral services being conducted by Rev. J.T. Adams.

Mr. Jones was a high toned, honorable gentleman, a good citizen, an obliging neighbor and had that noble trait of character of not speaking ill of his neighbor. He was highly respected and leaves a host of friends to mourn their loss.

He also leaves a brokenhearted widow, one son and one daughter, three brothers and five sisters.

Source: The Butler Herald, November 15, 1917, Page Five

Mrs. Richard Jones

Garden Valley Notes, Aug. 22nd

It is with sadness that we chronicle the death of Mrs. Richard Jones. The sad event occurred on the 13th inst., at her home near Garden Valley. She was indeed a true Christian, a devoted mother and noble wife. She was beloved by all who knew her. We extend to the bereaved ones our heartfelt sympathies.

Source: The Butler Herald, August 25, 1891, Page Three

Mrs. Matt Law

Clipped From Our Contemporaries
Macon County Citizen

Mrs. Matt Law died at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kelly on Tuesday night remains were buried in cemetery Wednesday. Rev. D.A. Lastinger conducted funeral services.

Source: The Butler Herald, April 27, 1915, Page Six

Mrs. Ann Lawson

As the morning [article torn at the top of the page] dawn "of the day of rest" on Jan. 19th, death ushered the dawn of eternal rest to Mrs. Ann Lawson. She was born July 26th, 1819, in Jasper County, Ga., where she was raised. She was twice married. At the age of twenty she was happily married to Mr. Elisha Hilton. To this happy union there were born six children - four boys and two girls - of whom one child and husband preceded her to the "land of rest." She married the second time about the age of fifty-six to Mr. William Lawson and about six years ago was called by the hand of God to mourn his death. She had been a consistent member of the Missionary Baptist church for forty years. As a friend she was loved by all who knew her and her warm, loyal heart made her friendship a jewel to be prized and her hand of friendship was often reaching out to soothe some troubled brow, or to raise some crushed spirit and point them to the "crowning day that's coming by and by." As a mother she was kind, gentle and loving, never tiring at waiting on the little ones and smoothing their little crushed hearts by folding the tenderest arms around them and pressing them to a loving mother's breast, as only such love can be felt by those who need a mother's care.

As a Christian she was sincere and anyone that talked with her would know that she had been with Jesus, and she bore her afflictions as a soldier of the cross only can. She had been in bad health for some time and was confined to her room three months before her death, and all the while compelled to sit up until three days before her death still she was cheerful until the end though she suffered intensely, and when asked how she felt, she would reply, "I am all right." But alas! Death came and she fell asleep quietly in the arms of Jesus. Her remains were carried to the old Hilton homestead in Macon County, where the burial service was conducted by Rev. J.M. Bass, Monday at 3 p.m. As we left the body sleeping beneath the clay we looked to the general resurrection morn when we shall meet at "God's right hand never to say farewell."

May God comfort the bereaved loved ones and friends, and may we all feel that our loss is her eternal gain; and while this life is made a life of sorrow Heaven is made brighter and may we ever by the eye of faith see the hand of friend and mother that beckons us to the "City whose builder and make is God."


Source: The Butler Herald, Tuesday, February 4, 1896, Page Four

Mrs. Jane Lindsey

Mrs. Jane Lindsey died at her home in Garden Valley, on Thursday the 9th inst. She was an estimable lady and leaves many friends and relatives to mourn their loss.

Source: The Butler Herald, November 21, 1893, Page Three