Hill Family Civil War Records

Hill, Caleb F.

Co. A, 10th Batt'n Georgia Volunteer Infantry
Sorrel's Brigade, Mahone's Division, A. P. Hill's Corps, Army of Northern Virginia; organized
March 17, 1862, and mustered into Confederate service March 18, 1862, for three years or the war.

Caleb F. Hill enlisted March 4, 1862 in Oglethorpe, Macon Co., GA for 3 years or the war.
Caleb F. Hill was a Lieutenant from March of 1862 and Present on the Rosters through June 2, 1864. He was promoted to Captain on June 2, 1864.

The Inspection report for August 12, 1864 shows Caleb Hill as being in the hospital in Richmond VA and on August 15, 1864 he is shown as being ill for 7 weeks with Chronic Dysentery. His records show he was admitted to General Hospital #4 in Richmond VA, August 9, 1864 and was Furloughed August 20, 1864 for the term of 30 days. It appears that he was present at Lee's surrender in 1865 and was paroled at that time.

Included in these records are several requisitions for clothing and supplies for the men under his command.

Caleb F. Hill and his wife Martha Bryan Hill (sister of William Washington Bryan and daughter of Magruder Bryan) are buried in Rosehill Cemetery in Turner Co., Ga.

Moses H. Hill

Moses Hill, Private, Co. A, 6th Reg't Georgia Infantry
Company Muster Roll of the organization named above for March - April 1864
Enlisted Aug 15, 1863 at Macon Co., Ga by Capt Rowland for the period of the war.
Last paid by ? Gray on Oct 31, 1863 and he was present.

August 11 1915
Respectfully returned to the Commissioner of Pensions
State of Georgia, Atlanta

The records show that one Moses Hill (name not found as M. H. Hill) private, Company A, 6th Regiment Georgia Infantry, C. S. A. enlisted August 18, 1863. On the company roll for March and April, 1864 (last on file), he was reported present. NO later record of him has been found.

Pension Application

H. L. McCain
Adjutant General

Application for Pension by a Widow Under Act of 1910
As Amended by Act of 1919

State of Georgia
Macon County

Mrs. Charlotte Hill applied for a pension. She has been a resident of the state of Georgia since 1839 - all her life.

She married Moses H. Hill in 1857 and had not remarried since the death of her husband. She states her husband joined Co. A, 6th GA Reg't Infantry in 1862. He died Feb 2nd 1909 in Macon Co., Ga and they were still living together as husband and wife. Charlotte Hill states that her husband had drawn a pension due to old age but he was now dead.

Charlotte Hill (Her Mark)

29th day of Sept 1919
AC Felton Sr, Ordinary
Macon Co., Ga

Questions for Witnesses as to Service of Husband and Marriage
State of Georgia
Macon County

Slaughter Hill is sworn and states that he lives in Montezuma, Macon Co., Ga. He says he has known Charlotte Hill since 1857 and that through personal knowledge he knows she was married to Moses Hill. He had known Moses H. Hill since 1841 which was all his life. He states that Moses Hill died in 1909 in Macon Co., Ga.

Slaughter Hill further states that Moses Hill enlisted in Company A, 6th Ga Reg't Infantry for the duration of the war and that he was not in the same Company with Moses Hill but knew Moses was somewhere in N. C. when his command surrendered, but Slaughter was not sure if Moses was with the Company when surrendered.

Slaughter Hill (His Mark)
29th day of Sept 1919
A C Felton Sr, Ordinary
Macon County

There is no mention of whether or not she received the pension and no further records of any attempts to apply for said pension again. But in 1932 copies of the above application accompany requests for money to pay for funeral bills for Charlotte Hill widow of Moses H. Hill by Mrs. O.C. Hill and A. C. Felton Sr. The bill to Yancey Hill, Undertaker, for the amount of $78.19 was paid and the bill to Dr. H. C. Derrick for the amount of $46.00 was ordered to be paid. Charlotte Hill died Dec. 29th 1932.

Funeral Expenses

Yancey Hill, Undertaker
Jan. 31, 1933
Est. Mrs. Charlotte Hill

Bought of Yancey Hill, Undertaker, 1932 Dec. 29

Casket $50.00
Hearse, 2 trips $20.00
1 Robe $7.50
1 pr Hose $0.69
Total $78.19

The above and foregoing account is rendered for funeral expenses of Mrs. Charlotte Hill, who died without sufficient property to pay this bill.

Yancey Hill

These bills were approved and ordered paid to A. C. Felton, Ordinary on Feb 25, 1935 by the Veterans Service Office.