Lineage of Macon Co.


1822 Houston CountyHouston county was created from lands ceded by the Creek Indian Nation through the Indian Springs Treaty of 1821. At the time, Houston County was one of the largest counties in Georgia. However, shortly after its formation in 1822, the size was reduced when the counties of Upson, Crawford and Bibb were carved from it. Additional land losses occurred with the formations of Pulaski County in 1828, Macon County in 1837 and finally Peach County in 1924.


1834 Houston CountyBibb County was created December 9, 1822 from Jones, Monroe, Twiggs, and Houston counties. Crawford County was created on December 9th, 1822 from Creek Indian lands and part of Houston County Marion County was created in 1827 from Lee, Muscogee, and Stewart Counties.


1846 Houston & Macon CountiesMacon County was created from Houston and Marion counties on Dec. 14, 1837


1855 Houston & Macon CountiesTaylor county was created on January 15, 1852 from Macon, Marion and Talbot counties.


1874 Houston & Macon CountiesSchley, pronounced "sly," was created in 1857 from Marion and Sumter counties. It also took a little bite out of southwest Macon county.


1955 Peach County addedPeach County was officially created in July 1924. The idea of this area at the north end of Houston County having its own county seat was not just something that developed in the 20th century. As early as the 1850s folks living here wanted their own independence. Again in the 1880s there was talk of a new county. It was hard getting to the Courthouse in Perry and there were parts of Macon County that found it difficult to cross the Flint River to do business in their county seat.

The new county was born out of much disagreement. The main debate state-wide was whether the state needed any more counties. Peach County would be number 161 at the time. Several years before 5 counties were created. People around the state began seeing all these new counties as just more governments and more political power for certain groups. Macon County was persuaded to vote against a Peach County amendment and in return was given 40,000 acres by Houston County. Nevertheless, the amendment passed and Peach county was formed.