Curious Clippings from Macon Co. GA

The Firefightresses

The following queer [strange] item appeared in the Montezuma Record last week:

"The fire ladies are practicing every afternoon and at night preparatory to the tournament."

We imagine it would be a funny sight to see a dozen ladies, with their hair in a state of negligee [carelessly informal] and perspiration trickling down their cheeks, hitched up to the hose reel and pulling for the plug at a forty-two rate.

Certainly the editor made a mistake.

~ The Marion County Patriot, No. 20, May 20, 1887, Page Four

Love Knows No Age

Mr. Harper Black, of Sumter County, aged seventy-four years, and Miss Emily Butler, aged forty-nine, were united in marriage at Montezuma Wednesday.

~ The Butler Herald, November 7, 1893, Page Three

Love Knows No Size

Married: At the home of the bride's father, B.A. Willerford of Macon County, on the 15th, inst. Jesse Amerson to Miss Cathron Willerford. Rev. J.M. Posey officiating. Miss Willerford is a very large and fine looking lady who will tip the beam to 215, while Mr. Amerson is less than half, but an industrious farmer. The Herald extends congratulations and trust that all their trials be little ones.

~ The Butler Herald May 21, 1889: Marilyn Neisler Windham."Marriages, Deaths, and Etc" from The Butler (Georgia) Herald 1876-1896

Checkerboard Ban

Some Montezuma merchants will not allow checkerboards in their stores.

~ The Marion County Patriot, No. 15, April 15, 1887, Page One, Macon County Record

What Happens When You Can't Meet for Checkers

Socially, Montezuma is about as dull a place as could be found in a day's journey.

~ The Marion County Patriot, No. 13, April 1, 1887, Page One, Macon County Record

Playing Checkers by Norman Rockwell
Playing Checkers by Norman Rockwell